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Oliba Way

The Oliba Way is a romanesque art based route that crosses the regions of Bages, Osona and Ripollès, using the historical figure of Abbot and Bishop Oliba as the main theme of the way.

Of all architectural and artistic styles, Romanesque is the most extended one. Bages, Osona and Ripollès are the most reliable proof of this huge cultural heritage. Every village and city in our regions has or has had some church or building constructed in romanesque style. This style unites and give strength to these project.

Romanesque art is shown to us as an element of integration in the central area of Catalonia, and it is the suitable argument to promote the territorial balance and also to show us the surroundings, the gastronomy,  the traditions and all the complementary touristic offer in the inland areas of Catalonia.

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